• Photo courtesy of Charles Ingram.

Shattuck Hall, Portland State University

Portland, OR

Project Categories

Higher education

Business Type

Historic renovation


66,000 square feet


SRG Partnership, Inc.


Portland State University



  • LEED Gold

Progress Report

Achieved 23% energy efficiency
Achieved 45% potable water efficiency
Achieved Energy Use Index (EUI) of 45.87

Special features

  • Complete MEP renovation of a historic building
  • Operational cost savings projected at $13,000 annually
  • Radiant ceiling panels for heating and cooling
  • Ventilation provided by dedicated variable-air-volume outside air units
  • Chilled water from a central chilled-water water plant
  • Hot water from central stream; steam trap monitoring
  • Continuous dimming controls (daylighting) and separate circuits for zoning flexibility in daylit zones
  • Premium efficiency motors