• Photo courtesy of Eckert & Eckert Photography.

  • Photo courtesy of Eckert & Eckert Photography.

Southeast Center, Portland Community College

Portland, OR

Project Categories

Higher education

Business Type

Higher-education learning commons


95,829 square feet


SRG Partnership


Portland Community College

PAE Role

Mechanical engineering

Electrical engineering

Building analysis and modeling (BAM)




  • LEED Gold

Progress Report

Pursuing 35% energy efficiency (student commons)
Pursuing 32% energy efficiency (learning commons)

Special features

  • Operable windows provide passive night-flush cooling
  • Radiant heating and cooling ceiling panels
  • Heat-recovery wheel reduces energy and operations costs while providing effective heat exchange
  • Demand controlled ventilation controlled by local CO2 sensors in each space and efficiently delivered via overhead air distribution
  • Energy-efficient lighting design and daylighting
  • Central heating water and chilled-water plant serving multiple buildings including condensing boilers and high-efficiency chiller
  • Variable-volume lab exhaust systems reduce energy costs by controlling exhaust fan speed to meet true exhaust demand