Stanford Healthcare Block E Medical Office Building

Redwood City, CA

Business Type

Medical office building


265,000 square feet

A new 9-story all electric medical office biulding (MOB), including a 3 story plinth and a 4-story parking garage.



  • Pursuing LEED Silver

Special features

  • Two floors of the plinth will be shelled, as well as one adjacent floor of the MOB for a future TI.
  • Block E will be HCAI/OSHPD Level 3 and consist of various medical support such as urgent care, radiology, physical therapy, medical specialities, plastics, pharmacy, and patient exam space.
  • Designed to be all electric with the exception of medical gases.
  • 103 kW PV array on rooftop with 29kWh Battery Storage System (BESS) for emergency resiliency.