Sunnyvale Civic Center

Sunnyvale, CA

Business Type

Multi-phase plan update


City Hall 120,000 square feet, DPS 5,800 square feet; EOC 11,000 square feet

Phase 1 of the 20-year Civic Center campus plan includes a new City Hall building, tenant improvements for the Department of Public Safety (DPS), and a new Emergency Operations Center (EOC).



  • Pursuing Net-Zero Energy
  • Pursuing LEED Platinum

Special features

  • All-electric

  • Heat recovery AHU's

  • PV array of 697 kW with annual energy generation of 1.099 GWh (1,099 MWh or 1,099,000 kWh)

  • 100% annual energy reduction with PV (Net-Zero)

  • 73% peak electrical demand reduction with PV

  • Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

  • Heat recovery heat pumps for central heating and cooling plant

  • Zero water use for HVAC