• Image courtesy of ZGF.

  • Image courtesy of ZGF.

  • Image courtesy of ZGF.

Southwest Oregon Regional Airport

North Bend, OR

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30,000 square feet

Originally built in 1962, the existing terminal facilities at this regional airport needed to expand to meet the demand of the region’s growing population. The project included the new terminal building encompassing administrative offices for the Port Authority, TSA baggage inspection and scanning facilities, and a FAA control tower.


ZGF Architects


Coos County Airport District (CCAD)

Special features

  • High-efficiency mechanical systems were designed to consume the lowest possible energy while ensuring a comfortable environment. Among these systems are demand controlled, low pressure ventilation for reduced energy consumption, and a mixed-air system utilizing the reuse of conditioned air.

  • An emergency power system was designed to keep the passenger terminal building and airfield control tower operational during extended power outages.

  • Energy efficient lamps, daylight dimming and switching, and occupancy sensors help to maximize the building’s energy savings.