A New Generation of Thought Leaders

The following leaders at PAE and Luma are driving the conversation, internally and industry-wide, on best practices in sustainable design.

PAE is proud to welcome Marc Brune as our newest principal, and we thank him for his dedication to solving the planet’s energy and water challenges.

Marc Brune, PE, LEED AP, Principal
Marc is an internationally recognized thought leader on the expanding possibilities of sustainable designs in the built environment, and an expert in mechanical engineering and energy modeling. Through his work on projects including the Bullitt Center, the Rocky Mountain Institute Innovation Center, the Kendeda Living Building at Georgia Tech, and the upcoming PAE Living Building, Marc is one of the world's most experienced designers of Living Buildings. His designs go beyond just energy and water efficiency, to a point where they can have a truly restorative impact on our planet.

Associate Principals

Our new Associate Principals, Harj, Justin, Nedzib, and Ruwan are recognized for their success as designers, mentors, and thought leaders.

Harj Sidhu, PE, LEED AP, Associate Principal
With a decade of experience, Harj is an electrical engineer who is well versed in designing and managing complex and large-scale building projects. Dedicated to sustainable design, Harj has worked on several LEED rated or registered projects and two Net-Zero Energy projects. He has collaborated with numerous high-profile clients throughout California, including Facebook, E&J Gallo, and Stanford University, and brings particular expertise in creating cohesive and efficient corporate campuses.

Justin Stenkamp, PE, LEED AP, Associate Principal
Justin is a mechanical engineer with almost two decades of experience and has unique experience as both the designer and occupant of the world’s largest commercial Living Building, The Bullitt Center. His resume includes designs for more than a dozen LEED rated or registered projects, as well as two Living Buildings, and several Net Zero Energy and Water projects. Having worked on energy modeling, mechanical design, and project management, Justin sees his projects from every angle, delivering comprehensive design strategies.

Nedzib Biberic, PE, LEED AP, Associate Principal
A highly proficient project manager and mechanical engineer, Nedzib has 15 years of design experience. He is talented at performing energy analyses that help design teams optimize energy efficiency while balancing project budget and occupant comfort considerations. Nedzib is the definition of a client-focused consultant – he builds lasting relationships with higher education and healthcare institutions, delivering thoughtful and innovative designs that support his client’s goals while exceeding their expectations.

Ruwan Jayaweera, PE, LEED AP BD+C, Associate Principal
Ruwan is a mechanical engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the design and modeling of sustainable buildings. An inventive engineer, Ruwan has worked on more than 20 LEED rated or registered projects and two Net-Zero Energy projects. Ruwan takes his role as a community member seriously, participating in international and local non-profits and committees. He leads PAE’s efforts with Engineers Without Borders, and works with organizations such as Design Museum Portland, ACE Mentorship, and Room for More.


From resilient microgrid designs to best practices in business intelligence, PAE’s growing leadership team is making waves industry-wide.

Brandon Watt, PE, LEED AP, Senior Associate
Brian Coffield, PE, LEED AP BD+C, Senior Associate
Tony Marino, PE, LEED AP BD+C, Senior Associate
Jeff Mutschler, Technical Senior Associate
Sara Nonaka, Associate
Brent Medsker, Technical Associate
Doug Nachtrieb, PE, Technical Associate
Jay Freeman, Business Associate
McKenzie Richardson, Business Associate

The Next Generation

We are proud of the staff members who received promotions and wish them continuted success through their ability to inspire, interpret, and integrate.

Becky Kreger, Senior Project Coordinator PC-4
Ben Burnett, Mechanical E-4
Chelsea Cassady, Assistant Project Manager
Cheryl McDermott, Mechanical E-3
Chris McHugh, Mechanical E-3
Christine Cornelius, Lighting Designer L-2
Christine Sandall, Marketing Coordinator
Craig Collins, Electrical E-3
David Kearns, BIM Technician BT-3
David Swanlund, Mechanical E-2
Erin Holland, Marketing Production Manager
Hannah Bezona, Designer D-1
Jackie Kingen, Lighting Designer L-4
Jenny Haney, Mechanical E-2
Jess Scanlon, Mechanical E-3
John Sabo, Mechanical E-3
Joshua York, Electrical E-2
Karla Chacaj, Project Coordinator PC-2
Kellee Korpi, Electrical E-3
Kevin Sun, Designer D-2
Kristina Budnik, Project Coordinator PC-2
Mandy Cooper, Lighting Designer L-1
Margo Botti, HR Generalist
Melanie Brown, Project Coordinator PC-2
Ramona White, Senior Project Coordinator PC-4
Ras Wickramaratne, Mechanical E-3
Ryan Workman, Mechanical E-2
Samantha Colasardo, Culture Project Specialist
Sam Laubenthal, Electrical E-3
Selman Martinez, Electrical E-2
Shawn Strickland, Electrical E-2
Stephanie Deguzman, Assistant Office Manager
Tara Brooks, Senior Graphic Designer GD-3
Taylor Johnson, BIM Technician BT-2
Terry Hirt, Senior Project Financial Analyst