Fresh Perspectives from PAE

Across the country, PAE and Luma’s talented engineers and designers are planting seeds of change for our industry. This spring we’re bringing new ideas about everything from employee benefits to Net Zero. Here’s what we’re up to this spring:

How Integrated and Healthy Building Design Positively Impacts Student Performance

April 10, SCUP 2018 Pacific Regional Conference, Los Angeles, CA
Senior Associate Nedzib Biberic and Luma Director of Lighting Design Zachary Suchara joined with Edward Running of FFA and Rory Alvarez from Chemeketa Community College to explore the ways architects, engineers and owners can create high-performance, multi-use education and maker spaces in challenging technical buildings like Chemeketa Community College’s Applied Technology Building.

Navigating the Natural Ventilation Design Strategy in Zero Net Energy Buildings

April 18, Getting to Zero National Forum, Pittsburgh, PA
PAE President, Paul Schwer, will join panelists at the National Forum to discuss the great potential for energy-use reduction through properly-designed natural ventilation systems. Paul will share case studies of successful Net Zero Energy projects in challenging climates, including the Rocky Mountain Institute Innovation Center which is the first project to achieve Net Zero Energy in a cold climate.

Best in Class Benefits without Breaking the Bank

April 18, National A|E|C HR Summit, San Diego, CA
Shiloh Butterworth, Chief People Officer, shares his best practices for crafting a best in class benefits package. PAE maintains a triple bottom line model and leads our industry with benefits like Gender Neutral Paid Wellness Leave , looking out for people and planet without compromising on profit. Striving to be early adopters of positive change on many fronts, PAE currently leads the AEC industry with this policy.

Water Summit: Igniting Conversations and Ideas for Net Positive Water for All

May 2, Living Future Unconference, Portland, OR
A mechanical engineer with nearly two decades of experience, PAE’s Justin Stenkamp will facilitate a discussion on the problems and possibilities surrounding Net Zero Water. As both a designer and tenant of the Bullitt Center, Justin’s unique insights will aim to spark inspiration for Net Zero Water solutions.

Local Greenhouse Gases: A Bold New Approach to Tracking Sustainability

May 4, Living Future Unconference, Portland, OR
Today’s environment demands a bold leap in measuring a building’s total environmental impact. Electrical engineer Karina Hershberg, and Associate David Mead challenge architects and engineers to look past EUI (energy use intensity) and offer a more holistic way of assessing the greenhouse gas emissions of buildings. Drawing on their experience creating PAE’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Analysis Calculator, and research on the impacts of refrigerant management, the duo will explore the complete impact of a building by considering the operational, system, and embodied emissions.